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Rice root development and water extraction for improvement of drought resistance

Kamoshita, A1, Fukai, S2
1 University of Tokyo, Japan
2 University of Queensland, Australia

     Root morphology is one of the most well studied among putative drought resistant traits for potential use in marker assisted selection. We review previous field and pot studies that have assessed root development under various agricultural water-limiting environments, its genotypic variation, and its relation with water extraction and biomass production in rice. For our experimental materials in our environmental conditions we highlight the followings; (1) association between root development at young vegetative stage and seedling vigor, (2) differences between faster deep root development and maximum deep root development, (3) rooting ability after transplanting under various conditions, (4) genotype by water interaction for deep root development, (5) deep root development and water extraction for available soil moisture, (6) association and difference between root development and yield formation. Among the 3 drought types we classified, we indicate (7) importance of rice root development in the intermittent drought type as a measure of drought avoidance. We also show (8) innovative drought screening systems in relation to root development.


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